Trial print

You want to place an order for new labels? You want to be sure your labels will be just the way you want it? Request a trial print and you'll see your whole label series will be designed just like you imagined it.

Guaranteed identical prints

The latest generation of the robotic X-Rite spectrophotometer scans each print, thereby guaranteeing you consistency of colour and identical copying with each new label series, regardless of the size and time passed between orders.

Option of ordering label series of smaller scope

Using digital technology you can reduce your supplies and increase the number of products in the warehouse. This technology allows you to reduce printing costs for label series of smaller scope since it does not require the manufacturing of expensive plates and films like traditional technology.

RFID technology

You can also choose RFID labels for storing and tracking all of your product information that allow you to trace and follow your products from manufacturing to sale and the moment at which they leave the store.

Additional services

Personalization, Individualization, Possibility of changing data for each particular label, Numeration

Online label design tracking

If you wish, we can let you know when your order is going to print, and you can follow the production process online, via a sophisticated HD camera.

CTP engine

Own CTP engine with FM, AM and HYBRID raster applications and a possibility of developing plates up to 4,800 dpi.

100% label inspection

General label inspection in all phases of prepress and production.

Special series

An ideal technology for special, selected series of labels and products of our customers - the ability to achieve metallic effects with copper and foil printing units, a possibility to print on reverse page, screen printing, plus many other effects.

Gold effects

With a combination of special UV screen and solvent gold colour on copper prints, it is possible to achieve effects such as folio printing at significantly more competitive prices for large orders.


Our labels are on the products in food and meat industry, cosmetics industry, supermarkets and on large selection of beverages and wines.


Years of work and experience with mission to please our clients have filled our list of references.

Notable projects

We had opportunity to be part of production of special products for various brands.