60 years of Vegeta

We were a part in unique celebration of 60 years of Vegeta – maybe most famous Croatian food product. Podravka, our long time partner, have set us challange for our digital printing department – to produce sleeve labels for unique desgins which were made by costumers through special App.

With automatedprepress proces we were able to print more than 10.000 label designs, while each bottle of Vegeta was different. Our HP Indigo WS 6800 and WS6900 gave us opportunity for each label to be unique.

Old Pilots Gin

We are producing labels for oficially best London Dry Gin in the world! Our unique printing technology, state of the art machines and top quality ‘know how’ gave us opportunity to produce this exclusive and luxurious 2 sided label.

Celebration of world vice champions with Coca Cola

Together with Coca Cola and whole of Croatia we have celebrated historical success of our football players, 2nd place on World football championship! Each game our team won we have marked with unique labels with game result. Theese Coca Cola botles became special Croatian souvenir. With help of advantages of digital print, in very short time we were able to print large amounts of labels, so that Coca Cola bottles are nex day already in stores.

Badel Šljivovica – brand of croatian liqours

Badel introduced new design for Šljivovica, maybe most iconic Croatian strong spirit. Designers came up with 2 sided label, and we, with our most advanced technology and know how, were able to produce this exclusive label that perfectley represents spirits’ background and designers ideas.


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