More than just printing.

Our clients are producing top products,

and our labels help them stand out.

Slick textures, vivid colors and stato of the art techniques are, without a doubt, showing excellence of our product.

Our machine park is regularly updated with most advanced label producing machines. We are experienced, knowledgeable, professional, responsible and hard working team who is always learning in order of producing top level product.

We are nurturing friendly relationship with our clients, we always look forward for their progress and success and we are at their disposal, actively helping them from idea to finished label product.

Digital print, Flexographic print, Offset print

Choose type of print and order amount, and rest is on us – to satisfy your requirements and expectations, from design to finishing, by the cheapest prices on the market in our region.

UV varnish, foil, embossing, screen printing, lamination

With our technology, your every request is real and feasible, and the result is highlighted design and increase in atractivity, elegance and exclusivity of your product. Label finished in that way is empashising emotions in your buyer, with describing story about your product .

Cutting die cutting, rewinding and label inspection

Finishing operations depend on the final usage of your product, while design of die cutting tool is depending on the shape of the label. You product will be highlighted because of the fine countures, and also by the fact that every label is identical and top quality. We closely monitor our label production with inspection cameras and other inspection methods, with the goal of bringing you top quality product.

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