For digital print we use two state of the art machines for digital print with electrophotography method: HP Indigo WS6800 and WS6900. Possibilities of digital print, in contrast for conventional print, are almost endless – no printing forms, hand color mixing or limited number of designs. Product is ready for delivery much faster, and colors are identical upon each new reprint.

We use...

HP Indigo WS6900 i WS6800 Digital Press

The HP Indigo WS-6800 belongs to the latest generation of state-of-the-art digital printing equipment of our time. It is the successor of the WS-4500, a machine that marked both our company’s entry into the domestic market and the start of more serious application of digital technology in the Republic of Croatia. This new equipment more than doubled our production capacities, with the quality of prints and speed of delivery being raised to a level our competitors find hard to achieve.

The equipment has automatic in-line priming and the integrated latest model of the X-Rite spectrophotometer ensuring superb, unique and continuous copying regardless of the size of the copied material. The all-round quality of our printing offers incomparable flexibility in terms of application and allows the manufacturing of a wide product range using all materials currently available on the market.

The HP Indigo WS-6800 is a laser digital printing machine which uses HP Electro Ink digital technology. This technology is globally unique and superior in terms of print-out quality and colour range, using liquid colours which ensure high resolution, perfect overlapping, coverage and colour depth. The seven-colour HP Indigo technology covers 97 % of the Pantone colour spectre. The special colours outside of this spectre are available according to the individual requests of each customer. All of this is additionally confirmed by our use of the colour scale HP CMYK & IndiChrome Plus which is unique in the digital world and has been issued a licence by Panton.