We are producing bianco (blank) labels on all sorts of materials, with the help of 2 most advanced high production machines: Grafotronic and AB Graphics Vectra. Newest machine, ABG Vectra is fully automated, from material insertion to finished roll stacking, with ability of high production where machine can operate at speeds of more than 120 m/min. This machine is using glueless technology, which means that lables are on placed on the core without glue.

We use...


This is a high-production machine for so-called blank labels – labels without print.
The Grafotronic also has two printing units and can print, beside blank labels, labels in one or two colours.
It can also perform the following activities:
conture shaping, longitudinal cutting, punching, rewinding and inspection of labels.
Only self-adhesive materials can be used with the machine.

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