We are making finishing processes on 12 most advanced machines for finest finishing demands, and we can offer:

hot and cold foil

3D foil (metal doming)

screen print and braille screen print


automated RFID chip implementation

partial varnish

automated label numeration

100% label inspection

special die cutting tools

partial label romoval

relief varnish

partial gloss

matt varnish

We use...

SMAG Digital Galaxie

One of the challenges in the manufacturing of labels is both the complexity of graphics and the possible multiple additional processing. Polishing, foil printing, 3D surfaces, pearl effects, holograms and surface polish for screen printing… these are just some of the elements in additional processing which can make each label unique, elegant, effective and superior in each market.

All of the mentioned functions are integrated into our SMAG Digital Galaxie equipment. The equipment is designed in a way that makes it possible to us to meet the most demanding requirements and respond to the most complicated inquiries related to additional processing of printed labels. Their multi-functional configuration allows the complete manufacturing of labels – from printing to final processing – without the need for prior or after-the-fact processing.

The installed digital cameras control the overlapping and quality of the prints at each given moment, guaranteeing identicality and resistance of each copied label. The labels have an effective and recognizable look and meet the strictest criteria of corporate branding.