Trial print

You want to place an order for new labels?
You want to be sure your labels will be just the way you want it?
Request a trial print and you'll see your whole label series will be designed just like you imagined it.

Guaranteed identical prints

The latest generation of the robotic X-Rite spectrophotometer scans each print, thereby guaranteeing you consistency of colour and identical copying with each new label series, regardless of the size and time passed between orders.

Option of ordering label series of smaller scope

Using digital technology you can reduce your supplies and increase the number of products in the warehouse. This technology allows you to reduce printing costs for label series of smaller scope since it does not require the manufacturing of expensive plates and films like traditional technology.

RFID technology

You can also choose RFID labels for storing and tracking all of your product information that allow you to trace and follow your products from manufacturing to sale and the moment at which they leave the store.

Additional services

Possibility of changing data for each particular label

On-line monitoring of the label manufacturing process

If you prefer it that way, we can inform you when your request has been processed and goes into printing, while you can follow the manufacturing process by yourself on-line via a sophisticated high-definition camera.

CTP engine

Own CTP engine with FM, AM and HYBRID raster applications and a possibility of developing plates up to 4,800 dpi.

Camera control

Full camera control at all stages of preparation and production.

Special series

An ideal technology for special, selected series of labels and products of our customers - the ability to achieve metallic effects with copper and foil printing units, a possibility to print on reverse page, screen printing, plus many other effects.

Gold effects

With a combination of special UV screen and solvent gold colour on copper prints, it is possible to achieve effects such as folio printing at significantly more competitive prices for large orders.


Nilpeter MO4 – hybrid engine

A Nilpeter MO-4 engine is a unique configuration constructed according to demands as ordered by our customers and markets.
It is a combination of more printing and finishing technologies that, together with in-line punching, can meet even the most complex needs of our customers.
Combining the units of offset, flex, copper printing that allows us to print metal inks, opaque white and special coatings, screen and foil printing, and finally punching, we are now able to provide our customers with unique solutions while retaining a high level of work efficiency.

Wide application possibilities include printing of self-adhesive and non-adhesive (wet glue) labels, OPP (wrap-around) labels, IML (in-mould) labels as well as shrink sleeve labels.
All this on various materials, papers, PE, PET and PP foils, where we completely adapt to the wishes and needs of the customers.

Whether there is a need for adhesion neutralization or reverse side printing, with a different combination of multiple printing technologies on one and the same label - thanks to its modular configuration, this engine can satisfy even the most complex requirements by our customers in this segment.

In order that the first produced label is identical with the label manufactured last, we have invested in the most advanced CTP system that allows us to develop a plate showing a resolution of up to 4,800 dpi, which results in top quality prints. In addition to printing up to 4,800 dpi, CTP technology allows us to print a variety of AM and FM rasters.
Full camera control compares a printed label with a prepared formulation, ensuring that each label complies with the customer's orders and wishes.

Whether wine bottle labels, meat industry or cosmetics, chemical products, other foodstuff and beverages, plastic packaging manufacturers, our unique and innovative capabilities and solutions, we increase the added value of your product and make a difference.
We use only low migration colours in the production process that prevent the migration of harmful substances through packaging material. This guarantees complete safety of your products.

HP Indigo WS6800 Digital Press

The HP Indigo WS-6800 belongs to the latest generation of state-of-the-art digital printing equipment of our time. It is the successor of the WS-4500, a machine that marked both our company's entry into the domestic market and the start of more serious application of digital technology in the Republic of Croatia. This new equipment more than doubled our production capacities, with the quality of prints and speed of delivery being raised to a level our competitors find hard to achieve.

The equipment has automatic in-line priming and the integrated latest model of the X-Rite spectrophotometer ensuring superb, unique and continuous copying regardless of the size of the copied material. The all-round quality of our printing offers incomparable flexibility in terms of application and allows the manufacturing of a wide product range using all materials currently available on the market.

The HP Indigo WS-6800 is a laser digital printing machine which uses HP Electro Ink digital technology. This technology is globally unique and superior in terms of print-out quality and colour range, using liquid colours which ensure high resolution, perfect overlapping, coverage and colour depth. The seven-colour HP Indigo technology covers 97 % of the Pantone colour spectre. The special colours outside of this spectre are available according to the individual requests of each customer. All of this is additionally confirmed by our use of the colour scale HP CMYK & IndiChrome Plus which is unique in the digital world and has been issued a licence by Pantone.

SMAG Digital Galaxie

One of the challenges in the manufacturing of labels is both the complexity of graphics and the possible multiple additional processing. Polishing, foil printing, 3D surfaces, pearl effects, holograms and surface polish for screen printing... these are just some of the elements in additional processing which can make each label unique, elegant, effective and superior in each market.

All of the mentioned functions are integrated into our SMAG Digital Galaxie equipment. The equipment is designed in a way that makes it possible to us to meet the most demanding requirements and respond to the most complicated inquiries related to additional processing of printed labels. Their multi-functional configuration allows the complete manufacturing of labels – from printing to final processing – without the need for prior or after-the-fact processing.

The installed digital cameras control the overlapping and quality of the prints at each given moment, guaranteeing identicality and resistance of each copied label. The labels have an effective and recognizable look and meet the strictest criteria of corporate branding.


This is a high-production machine for so-called blank labels – labels without print.
The Grafotronic also has two printing units and can print, beside blank labels, labels in one or two colours.
It can also perform the following activities:
conture shaping, longitudinal cutting, punching, rewinding and inspection of labels.
Only self-adhesive materials can be used with the machine.