Projekt je sufinancirala Europska unija iz Europskog fonda za regionalni razvoj

Jačanje konkurentnosti poduzeća Sato d.o.o. kroz ulaganje u novu tehnologiju tiskanja etiketa

A product speaks through its label

A product speaks through its label

A product speaks through its label

A product speaks through its label

A product speaks through its label

Rich textures, expressive colours and use of state-of-the-art technology always point to an excellent product inside the packaging.

Digital print, flexography and offset printing

You just choose the type of print and size of the printed material and we'll do the rest. We'll meet all your demands and expectations at the best regional market prices – from the design up to the additional processing.

UV polish, foil printing, embossing, screen printing and lamination

Our technology allows us to meet any request you may have for additional processing, the result being exceptional graphic design and increased effectiveness, elegance and exclusiveness of your labels. Through additional processing, emotion-evoking labels are created. They tell buyers the story you want them to hear, making them constantly identify with the product.

Cutting, punching, conture shaping, rewinding and inspection of labels

Additional processing depends on the mode in which you want to apply a specific label onto a product. The shape of the punch depends on the shape of the label you've selected. The final contours of your label are what sets you apart from the competition. Through continuous monitoring of the production process and control of each manufactured label our team makes sure that these contours are identical and of top quality.


Thanks to our constant investment into new technology and the professional development of our employees we can guarantee you the greatest quality level, delivery speed and reliability when fulfilling your requests.

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